I have to share because I'm so confused at the moment. After troubleshooting for months trying to figure out why my laptop would randomly go into sleep mode, as I was typing. (Imagine my frustrations working on exam projects to have the screen just go black on me every 30 seconds.)

Today I found a post on the Dell forums by another person with the same problem. Apparently a magnetic closure on my bracelet triggered a sensor to think I had shut the lid on my laptop. What. The. Fuck. Guess that explains why it would only happen sometimes, as I don't wear this bracelet often 🙃🔫 definitely the funniest and weirdest problem I've ever had with a laptop.

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    Nice one
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    @irene instead of a clasp it's one of those magnetic closures where you just press them together and it'll lock. Very easy to put on with one hand but unfriendly towards laptops it would seem.
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    Tip: Disable sleep.
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    @filthyranter I did the first time I had the issue but that didn't stop it so I turned it back on, haha. I do like auto sleep, very convenient because I always just close the lid and go.
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    @Elyz I find setting power button to sleep more effective. I like the ability of closing the lid without sending pc to sleep. Yet of course it is a personal choice.
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    @Elyz I like being able to start a long-running task and closing my laptop's lid. If I want it to sleep, I press the power button before closing. :)
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    @neriald probably a matter of habit. But your system sounds good too, maybe I should switch.
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    Reminds me of a customer whose PC would randomly insert spaces when typing documents.

    He said it only happened when his wife used it.

    So I watched carefully, and reported to him the solution was to buy his well-endowed wife a bra. :-)
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    As such I find it useful when problem solving to watch people who have a specific problem use the equipment in case there is something not obvious in the mixture at first thought.

    I'm reminded of another customer who said their PC would stop working every now and then.

    What they really should have said, is it stopped working when they kicked it because the fan made a noise.

    It was located under their desk..
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    That's really a design flaw. They should make their products compatible with people who use bracelets.

    I had to disable sleep at closing lid at work because it's a lenovo with windows and doesn't wake up properly.
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    @electrineer there were several comments from people who had had the same issue with Apple watches and whatnot. It wasn't even a post about my specific model of laptop but one from the same series, so I guess it's a common but weird problem. Kind of shitty that they haven't made an effort to solve the problem or at least make people aware of it. I wouldn't ever have guessed it myself if I hadn't come across that post. I was pretty much ready to toss it and buy a new laptop, ngl.
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