Name that tune in 7..

I tried googling the lyrics, no luck !

Does anyone know what song this is ?

50 minutes and 49 seconds in.

And who is singing it. :-)

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    did you try this with www.shazam.com ? 🙂
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    If only I had an Android phone with a working Google Play store so I could install it !

    Looks useful though.

    FX [ Checks phone.. ]

    Now, it looks even ill'er than it did before..

    I wonder what an Android with its chest open and a red triangle with ! means ?
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    Ah ha, menu !

    Lets try the safe looking reboot option..
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    Download pending...

    Oh good !

    Lets hope it can find it..
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    FX [ Wonders how long download pending will display for.... ]
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    FX [ Wonders if it will ever change from download pending... ]

    I wonder why its stuck ?

    It doesn't to be downloading anything else..
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    Ah, now it seems to be downloading.

    Why the long wait ?
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    Great, that worked !

    Thank you so much.

    Related link:


    > With A Boy Like You - Chriss 1986 euro disco
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    @iKameo it was bought by apple recently. Other than that i did not notice any change. Thank you for pointing that out.
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