#null 😂😂😂

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    @p100sch Fuck You I'm tired of webdeveloper being called second rank. I probably know more static typed languages than you. And I also care about nil in Go if you must know. Yet at the end of the day I'm a webdeveloper. Http(s) drives most of the communication so we are many.
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    @hjk101 it takes someone to write software in a language that complies and assembled to machine code to produce the engine that interprets web developer scripts and execute them. In a very real sense, Python, PHP, Perl, and shell script, etc all have a mighty god called C and Assembly.
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    @xcodesucks and higher up the stack but lower in languages are webservers (Apache, nginx, iis) and proxies (vanish etc). Don't forget half/bytecode compiled languages that need a .net, jvm or other runtime. Than a bit lower there is the OS that provides an environment to run the compiled executables and provides resources in an unified API. Lower is firmware like uefi implementations.

    So now we have all that covered what was your point? It can't be that only assembly matters. I would not be able to send this message in devrant if that was true...
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    @hjk101 the point is that script languages are fine but don’t confuse scripting with software engineering.

    Engineering involves more than just making something work and using the design pattern du jour. Engineering demands both efficacy *and* efficiency. Script systems are severely lacking in lack the latter.
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    Where is negative example?
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    @xcodesucks I was asking about signed shit paper variable thing
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    Having a hard time thinking about what Swift's fucked up version of "nil" would look like.
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