Today I read the terms of agreement before I agreed...

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    Quite wordy though
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    >ERROR: Please install fonts to read the EULA for the fonts.

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    Somewhere in the source code: "//TODO: Add German version of the Terms of Use"
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    Terms seem clear to me 😎
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    @Parzi This reminded me of an interesting experience I once had.

    Had a fresh Windows install (pretty sure I was trying out 8 at the time), and I was going to install the necessities (VC++, .NET Framework). Was doing the .NET Framework 4.0 install, and the installer said it required .NET Framework 4.0 to run it??

    ...Okay maybe I grabbed the wrong thing? Nope, I tried the offline and online installer, both spit out errors saying they required .NET 4.0. Ended up nuking the system, just went with Ubuntu for a bit.

    To this day, I still have no clue what the fuck happened. I've never had that issue again, and I'd never had it before then. (I could be remembering bits wrong, as it was a long time ago, but I do remember it pretty clearly, ad I was messaging friends about it at the time)
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    @infernalempress I've seen that happen, you usually have to check whether the OS itself installed it as a Windows Component and uninstall it from there if it did.
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