Finals over. Get to enjoy family time.
Gets email from Amazon. We wanna move on with the hiring process. Please complete these online tests. By 12/26.

Good bye family so I can cram haha

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    "Complete this test over christmas, so we know we own you"
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    Lol that was me a few weeks ago. Was taking a week of, planning to do some new coding. Get email from Amazon out of nowhere. There's went my week... Still failed.

    I noticed later that the Test step runs additional tests and outputs a x tests out of N passed at the bottom (this wanst in the demo). I submitted the first one though since there 2 cases passed (check marks) and only realized after the 2nd but then of course it's too late...

    Anyway good luck.
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    I wish I could every time. That to me is the best vacations and the only reason I take them now.

    So I can play with the new stuff I can't do at work.
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    How did the hiring go? What questions were asked?
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