iiiii fffffuckingg hate articles that just explain something

put a piece of code

that piece of code uses X amount of classes/models

they never mention what structure are those models/classes made of

what is inside them

i cant continue following the article because i dont know what is inside them

they just put it in ur face and say Fuck you


Fuck YOU

<font size="1000000px;">FUCK</font>

<font size="10000000000000000em;">YYYYYYYOOOKUUUUUUUUUUU</font>





my nerves are torn





in life




what is life

what are doing

why are doing this

what is the point of living

how long does it take for a man to die

why are some people blessed with luck and some are not


u know what is even more frustrating



ohdont get me started on this topic

well i warned u

the path towards abundance lies upon the few; thou who shalt not risk high; shalt always stay thus low

girls also frustrate me bc

i always do every thing nice and im always nice

so i realized

being nice is fake as fuck and doesnt fuckin work

being urself doesn't do a Fckimg tHING






in this hardlife

only the strong survive in this world
- tupac shakur


so yes bavk where i was saying girls frustrate me because i always do what im supposed to


i tried being thou who shalt i am not

guess what mothrfucker

it works when u be a gofdamn fkig low mothfckr a u know a goddmn fkig punk then they respect u and want u

back i fckked up

i turned back to my real me, the nice me

and then they left me

they think being nice = means being weak




kindness != weakness





i just wanted to have a walk outside and thenit started raining

so i had to stay inside bc of the rain


i am very lonely

u know i was very fine when i was lonely at a very young age but now i need a living entity beside me

with me

i fking need

wait i will cuddle my fluffy dog rn maybe i will feel better

br b wait for me ok

i feel better now


i remembered that goddamn girl again

man i feel so heart broken


i have sunk into the deepest depths of endless depression I think

it doesnt feel nice

it feels very lonely and depressing down here

but i thimk tjat is be because i care too much

some people say i overthink

I dont overthink

i am like the stealth people
the shadow people

i stay quiet and observe


i always know what is happening but i rarely speak about it

and people dont realize

so they think they can fool me


everything has its limits

so much lies that im sick of it

i always tell it how it is

i always reward those who help me

i always help those who help me

i never forget those people


why is it that people who dont give a single fucking Fffffficxkkckck about me

are the ssame people i almost care the MOST?

i cross hundreds and thousands of miles to visit a person, invest hours of my time to do that

i do that....

and they wouldnt even step 1 foot in front to see me....

what kind of life is this


feel like cryin rn




i dont understand what one must do

what is the point

all i want is to be happy

that is it

but being happy is.... i wanted to say the hardest part of life but now my voice told me being happy is a state of mind

myself answered me that being happy ? is a state of mind?

so that means if i want to be happy even if everything around me is falling apart

in my mind i can create a psychological world that would make me.... happy ....?

or what

i dont understand what did myself tell me

why do i care so much if im lonely

u know my friend from college we go to same computer science college

hes a very smart man but a fake FUCKING friend, plastic as fuck

he reads philosophy booms and told me

"when a man is lonely for long enough, he will slowly start to fall apart"

that is me...... that is ...truth......

he quoted a philosopher from some book


he also said a quote he read about the meaning of life

"this life is endless pain and the only purpose of life is to reduce this pain as much as possible so we can be happy"

what the fck that is incredibly depressing

what the fuck im actually crying rn

i feel stabbed in the back and left behind and cheated on, all of those happened and some of them are happening right now

dont know what to think about the reasons

all of this causes me such huge anger and depression and that is whT keeps me going

going by working harder than i am supposed to

without all this hurt there would be no glory

all this effort..... it better pay off at the end...... please God..... i beg you....

i have completed 50% of my life purpose, let me do the rest so i can die in peace...

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    Sorry, but that is exactly how a kindergarten kid explains his or her emotional side on paper.
    It needs damn lot of dedication to read what you just wrote.
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    From "Hate for unproperly written articles" to "bad experience with girls" to "god, yo boi. You there?"
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    @-ANGRY-CLIENT- u do not


    what I'm going though

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    @SukMikeHok who knows maybe I am in a very similar situation, but just won't tell anyone.
    Filtering your life to the outside and showing only positivity in your posts and comments does not represent the inner world of a person, you know?
    Tbh, I assume that most devs here on dR are affected by depression, but just won't show it. It infects others.
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    I don't say that you should keep quiet.
    Speaking out your bad feelings helps you. And you most probably know that yourself.
    I am saying that you should not be so offended and be like "Oh, you ain't feeling the same shit I am feeling rn, dawg!"
    I understand that you are in a deep depression and I am here to help.
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    Hate for this type of articles? Cannot do anything about it, but to say that you are not alone. I hate them, too. There will always be bad and good articles. You need to find a way to filter them.
    Girls? Without wanting to tell you about my personal life I want to tell you that you have just experienced bad things, because you have had bad girls around yourself. There are good girls, too. "Be more patient and be more open" is my advice.
    I think that you are indeed a good person with no harm at all. But you get easily offended. The girls I know don't like that. Good girls included. Show that you are confident and that you stand your base. But don't quote me on that. I am not an expert. Just my experience. It can be otherwise for someone else.

    About the god thingy... Idk let me reread it.

    EDIT: Oh, and do not look needy. Like "I need some pussy right now!". Look like a clean guy who does not look depressive. Learn to not let out your feelings.
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    @-ANGRY-CLIENT- bro i think i found cure

    i just need a humanoid being to chat with me

    this humanoid being has to be female

    it does not matter if this entity random

    it matters that it chats with me
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    @-ANGRY-CLIENT- actually ur advice is legit af and i am irl just like that, i never show signs of depression or neediness, i swallow it up and act independent like i always do, but then i have to puke that what i swallowed here on the internet
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    I am glad you found your cure.
    Relatable. Sometimes one can simply not endure it anymore. Thus leading mostly to burnout when there are no precautions taken.
    That is fine. That is why we have dR.
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    You are one neurotic fuck. Get help
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