My dad went to fix a server. He must be working hard because he has 404'd since 14 years ago!

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    Care to elaborate?
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    @freeme his dad left and never came back
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    I was 100% sure that id laugh my ass off more when I read the comments 😂
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    Actually happened to me, except it's 19 instead of 14. And in my case, I'm pretty sure it was a 500.
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    Sorry to spoil the joke but 404 is RESPONSE code, so if he went there (as request) he should be back with the code saying that the server is missing. Or the server owner requested your dad and discovered he is missing. Or something like that.
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    Maybe he was bricked in with the server..



    In the kind of tale any aspiring BOFH would be able to dine out on for months, the University of North Carolina has finally located one of its most reliable servers - which nobody had seen for FOUR years.

    One of the university's Novell servers had been doing the business for years and nobody stopped to wonder where it was - until some bright spark realised an audit of the campus network was well overdue.

    According to a report by Techweb it was only then that those campus techies realised they couldn't find the server. Attempts to follow network cabling to find the missing box led to the discovery that maintenance workers had sealed the server behind a wall.


    Reminds me of a place I worked once where no one had closed the fire doors for 20 years, and couldn't as the switches had been plastered over years ago !
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