For all you Dutch out there, or other people who celebrate Sinterklaas.... I know this a bit late ( mustard after the meal, right?), but I only found out about this place today.

Anyway, maybe you can use it next year, and who knows there are other uses for it.

It is: a way to assign a number of favors among a number of participants, making sure no participant has to do the same favor to the same other person twice.

I'm sorry, I can't find a way to make this sound any less sexy.

The pseudorandom generator is seeded with the year, so you can use it every year and everyone will get consistent results.

For the Dutch: een scriptje om meer dan één lootje te trekken met Sinterklaas. Sorry, daar heb ik ook geen minder sexy beschrijving voor. Je kan de namen per jaar invullen aan het begin.

And then I almost forgot to include a link: https://jsbin.com/waragireyo/edit/...

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