Update on UWP File explorer! Exciting stuff first!

Reveal style was applied to the home page grid (That thing in WinX where the borders change color in proximity to the mouse)

Clickable buttons in the title bar! This is the first step to tabs!

Converted a lot of things that were generated dynamically in C# to UserControls in XAML, for easier reading and even improved code-behind options.

Pulled my hair out getting rid of System.IO - System.IO is not made for UWP and stops working in certain situations. Now using Windows.Storage, which is a lot more async. I have gotten much friendlier with the dispatcher.

Pain from the operation is really fading and school doesn't start for a couple days, so I hope to get a beta out before school starts, and more realistically, get the tab system done before school starts.

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    Posted with the light theme enabled to show that it reacts to system theme. Sorry, had to do it at least once.
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    Oh shit, and the nav box turns into a text box and accepts text input when you click it, then turns back to the buttons.
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    hmm, i guess everything is wip what you do..but those huge margins between the grids is throwing me off..but that comes probably from my personal preference for small designs...remember, old pcs had 640x480 pixels and somehow we got stuff done
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    @BurnoutDV if you're talking about all the empty space between , for example, the top of the window and the path box, that space is reserved for a tool box.

    If you're talking between the folders, then yeah, it's a lot of margin. Remember this is designed for touch screen devices as well, where lots of space is necessary for easy navigation
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    @kaesaecracker Racing Microsoft's development of their terrible UWP file explorer
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    @AlgoRythm bah touchscreen extra space...time to lose some fat, no exception for people with sausage fingers!

    (obvious /s)
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    @BurnoutDV I have decreased the margin by half in the grid, I agree it looks better
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    Dis looking gud
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