life is too short to spend it by learning all the time and not actually enjoying to be alive.


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    Agree. Need to get out. Eat at a nice restaurant. See a movie. Visit a park. Go hiking. Go swimming. Just get out and get away from work for the sake of good health, both physical and mental. Don't die never having smelled a rose, see a baby smile, hear the waves crashing on the shore, or tasting Texas BBQ. 🤠
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    I disagree, it is the continued aggregation of knowledge that has allowed up to enjoy longer lives so far and may even lead to a way of prolonging it indefinitely. That said, it will never happen if people don't think it can and won't work towards it. I suppose that with our rate of progress and quite a bit is resources it could probably be done within a couple decades.

    So, I think that people should prioritize things that will extend their lifespan first, work on new ways to do it second and have fun third. That said life without fun isn't worth anything either thus it will probably have to be a balance with emphasis on work.
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    But but I enjoy learning
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    @BadFox you must be fun at parties.
    Do you really want to live a long life if it's mainly filled with a fight?
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    Your premise is flawed. What if enjoying being alive is learning? You have a paradox😑
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    The enjoyment is the path you follow to learn. #missionAccomplished
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    I enjoy learning new ways of meeting computers do stuff for me. That's how I became a dev in the first place.
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    priority is the key i think. There is so much to learn and and so less lifetime
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    @CoffeeNcode life is already a rat race. It's almost always who gets more money? Who has a family? Who found love? I'd rather have the long life and it be filled with fight than to experience the fight now and die quicker.
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