Do people often misinterpret your sarcasm as being genuine maliciousness? This somewhat frequently happens to me.

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    Occasionally. I've been asked why I'm such a bitch before. I'm not, it's just my humor. Haters gonna hate though 🙄
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    It's very important to learn to do sarcasm properly to avoid this issue. I find being melodramatic when also being sarcastic works well.
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    always ;_;
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    @pk76 That is such a very dumb idea
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    Sometimes I think about a "sarcasm sign" to avoid this kind of situation... And it may works as a new layer of sarcasm...
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    oh oh, i'm on the opposite end of the spectrum here. Its difficult for me to understand the implied bazinga, but I enjoy it nonetheless ... tbh kind of teaches you to not have a stick shoved up your behind all the time :D
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    People almost never understand my sarcasm.
    It's infuriating.
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