So, my challenge for this year is to build a CMS, CRM and ERP system from scratch in my free time with Python and Django.

I need to get deep in with Python and I figured this is a good way to do it. I'm going to roll my own analytics and whatever else I possibly can. Hell, what I'd really like to do eventually is do away with Django and have it as a standalone product with zero dependencies. But one thing at a time.

Here's to a good future where I finally fucking commit to finishing a project!

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    Good luck, I never finished my CMS...but I am proud of some of its parts.
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    shit can I help, I've got a maintenance saas I'm about to start plugging into thirdparty apps that only half ass work for what I'm doing. I'm want to roll my on at some point but its gonna be a minute before i can take on something like that by myself.
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    My number one piece of advice: Define your minimum viable product and stick to it
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