My basis path set does not include this one...

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    fuckin betas
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    There is also the, when the girl asks you out one.
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    Followed by the confusing, she loves you one, but decides to go out with someone else because they have more resources than you.

    And there was me thinking love trumps all !
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    Followed by the, we need time apart one.

    Which involves them having sex (Repeatedly..) with someone else.

    Followed by, them saying they still love you and was thinking about you all the time. (What, even during sex with someone else..)

    And want to get back with you.

    Nothing to do with the other person they had sex with dumping them..
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    Then marriage..

    Then divorce..

    Then the divorce settlement..

    Then you repeat that a few more times until you would have retired early, if you hadn't married in the first place..

    Then you become that grumpy old programmer in the corner cubicle that glares at folk as they walk past slowly wondering why they are in the corner, and what is all that stuff on their walls..
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    @Nanos holy shit
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    If I can just save one soul from repeating my mistakes, the world will be a better place. :-)

    Actually, us humans make a shed load of mistakes, so there is plenty to learn from others !

    As such, the internet has saved me so much more hassle because I listened to others stories and planned accordingly.

    It's just, there is so much info, where do you start..

    Just how do I cook that perfect pizza..
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    @Nanos Here, have some ++
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    FX [ Smiles @ D3add3d ]
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    Can I get a C to go with that. :-)
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    @Nanos Here you go
    *hands over a bowl of C shaped pasta*
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    Kind of true. Thought I had this one solved, then crap happened. Figured things are supposed to happen when you aren’t looking for them, so I’ve been spending the time since then programming instead of looking...
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    > Figured things are supposed to happen

    > when you aren’t looking for them

    I can't say I've found jobs or partners that way myself very often..

    > it's gonna happen naturally.

    Like getting a job, or finding a decent house just happens naturally. :-)

    > often get really frustrated because most

    > dates end up being shit.

    Before the internet, most dates ended up that way too. :-)

    At least nowadays, you can google the person first to see if they are a released serial killer..

    And if they send you more pictures, you can check their Exif data to see just how far away they are..
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