Hacktoberfest in a nutshell

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    I mean typos are a thorn to some people, so you're patching up the first look, therefore making the software more appealing to perfectionists, therefore you're increasing the user base.

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    It better than just raising issue and describing how to re create one. I hate that but that is the only thing I have done other than creating my own unfinished repos
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    Or just removing whitespace.
    In the README
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    well its at least better than being a free loader and just enjoying the perks of open source without even giving back a bug report and probably just flooding q and a sites with stupid questions 😢
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    @user261 There are no freeloaders in open source. The awesome thing is that you can install it, use it, and just leave it at that. That's totally cool.

    IF you want a new feature or are frustrated by an inconvenience, the etiquette is that you try to use your skills to improve the software, to give those changes back to the community -- doesn't have to be code, it can be just a well-written concept drawing for a feature or detailed bug report.

    And you are expected to acknowledge that the rest of the community functions the same. Products appear and disappear, they deprecate and fork, they flourish and crash -- At no point can you demand labor, investment or quality of service from others.

    But you can use freely, without obligation -- and optionally & voluntarily advance and adopt, inquire and inspire.
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    Delete all comments, because real programmers don’t need them.
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