Every year my team runs an award ceremony during which people win “awards” for mistakes throughout the year. This years was quite good.

The integration partner award- one of our sysAdmins was talking with a partner from another company over Skype and was having some issues with azure. He intended to send me a small rant but instead sent “fucking azure can go fuck itself, won’t let me update to managed disks from a vhd built on unmanaged” to our jv partner.

Sysadmin wannabe award (mine)- ran “Sudo chmod -R 700 /“ on one of our dev systems then had to spend the next day trying to fix it 😓

The ain’t no sanity clause award - someone ran a massive update query on a prod database without a where clause

The dba wannabe award - one of our support guys was clearing out a prod dB server to make some disk space and accidentally deleted one of the databases devices bringing it down.

The open source community award - one of the devs had been messing about with an apache proxy on a prod web server and it ended up as part of a botnet

There were others but I can’t remember them all

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    that is freaking cool
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    This is amazing! The "ain't no sanity" one was my fav so far!
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    Ahahahahahah this is awesome!
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    Love the idea!
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    Which one would I have won? I wrote a script to delete all nodes of a particular type from a production db and forgot pass in the type. I deleted it all the contents loaded on the site and this happened the day before go-live. I had a backup, but that was a massive fuck up
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