Learning javaScript on monday

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    The real question is why your screen is flipped.
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    @Kleckson its my first time with ubuntu u.u
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    Ooo i love this bug. Its great, happens to me too, aye, all you gotta do, is topright (where it should of been) theres a little down arrow, click it, then click the lock icon.

    It'll lock rotation, you may have to close and reopen the lid to get it back to the right rotation.
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    This ist how all JS code looks to me
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    They're teaching you es6 features? Nice.
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    Buenas Dias. Mi nombre es j*k**! Como estas?

    That's basically all I can say in Spanish.

    Oh yeah. And "hola chicas" of course. That's the most important one.


    "Gato" is "Cat" right?
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    Man I wish I had computer science this semester 😫 stuck studying Shakespeare (English class), biology, chemistry, and accounting! Because that's what I wanted to learn!
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    @LastDigitOfPi buenos días! 😋
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    Hey! Como estás?
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    @shellbug a good start i think ;)
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    That's what happens to my brain when writing js...
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    js is the best
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    Classic bug, all you have to do is flip the computer upside down, then use mirror to put things back in order and you're good to go!
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    @cyntthiah a really good one indeed.

    What other things are you learning?
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    @shellbug im starting, all is new for me hehe im learning javaScript, css, Html :0 im super noob
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    Is like studying history on monday
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    @cyntthiah I see. If you have questions in any of those, feel free to ask me.
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    Oh look, an Australian.
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