I've been using veracrypt for some time and today I was wondering if it was really useful to encrypt the entire SSD and unlock it every time I turned it on.

Some of you could grope me what is better to do?

Thanks to everyone who will answer me :)

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    I am guessing its normal encryption like everything alike in that family?

    It's pretty common practice for businesses to enforce laptops to have BitLocker on the laptops.

    Because, well in theory, you can circumvent most of windows security by just shutting it down and plugging the drive in like a usb stick.

    Unlike OSX and UNIX (I think?), Windows does not encrypt it's data upon shutdown.
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    @beggarboy my laptop has Ubuntu and I'm thinking to encrypt the SSD with veracrypt's tool, I wanted to know if this is a good or bad idea, since i'm not using my pc for very important work.
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    @Fede26 I guess with a SSD decryption speed doesn't really matter, but I see it pretty neutral.

    If theres nothing important on it, just see it as an extra password. Doesn't hurt I guess?

    Just...don't forget your decryption passphrase.
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    If you don't want to use it for your entire disk, you could switch to a program like Cryptomator. This way only specific files/folders would be encrypted while still easily accessible.
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    What do you want to protect your data from?
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