One of you fellas mentioned you'd switched from Vim to Spacemacs.

One of you fellas is responsible for me enjoying the shit out of Spacemacs 😂

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    "Point to the traitor, mongrel! For he shall suffer a painful death!"

    (You're going to be next but I don't want you to give false information before the judgement.)

    Could you do a little pros/cons, by the way? Interested in knowing what you prefer.
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    +1 for pros/cons
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    -vim is the ultimate essence of human thought
    -vim is glorious
    -vi vi vi is the editor of the beast
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    @dontPanic Haven't really tried Emacs, but I sure am jealous of its org-mode. Haven't found a nice alternative for Vim yet, which is a shame because I got the perfect mobile app for it! (Why art thou forsaken me, Destiny!)
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    For me, the reason I used Vim was the modal editing. But here's a brief overview

    - SUPER intuitive and fast keyboard shortcuts
    - Beautiful interface
    - Extremely performant (Fedora OS)
    - Layers are fucking AMAZIN
    - Themes are out-of-the-box beautiful

    - Config is really hard to understand
    - Docs are hit and miss (niche editor, amirite?)
    - Rage ensues when trying to use other editors

    All in all, you need to give Spacemacs 3 full days to really know if you will like it. So don't do it at work, but if you actually like it, my god switching away. I'm still using it because it's actually painful to use Vim or VSCode. I keep mindlessly hitting "SPC f s" (saving) in VScode and Vim because of it.

    But Spacemacs hits EVERY SINGLE point that counts on the head, and those that only sorta count, fuck can it miss on those.

    Never tried Org mode.
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    @jschmold Okay, thank you! I'll try to give it a shot when I'll get some spare time on my hands.

    I suggest you do the same with org-mode if the concept interests you of course.
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    I have stopped using Spacemacs and when back to NeoVim
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    @jschmold Hey! Welcome back! We missed you, mate! Now, go and tweak your settings :D
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