Windows style..
One day i had to show something to a friend on windows(on a macbook). So logged in, shared hotspot and finished what i had and when i shut down, it said Getting Windows ready(or whatever the message was).. i thought as why that was but i closed the mac having no time.. later checked my mobile data where i see that windows ate 1.2gb updating windows without any notification or something..
I think you should think well before sharing your hotspot on some weirdo OS🤔

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    This is the damned reason of me still staying with one digit versions, instead of 10.
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    I discovered a limited data mode in Windows 10 settings the other day, so I think someone thought about this.

    I don't normally use Windows, so I couldn't tell you exactly where it is, but it seems to stop those pesky updates on mobile data.
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    @MoreCoffee i think u can turn windows update off and maybe update whenever u want it after that, but they shouldn’t update by them selfs without a proper notice, but what can you do to Windows..
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