This is from a book I'm reading right now! I found it funny :-D

Pattern: What is a chaperone?

Shallan: That is someone who watches two young people when they are together, to make certain they don’t do anything inappropriate

Pattern: Inappropriate? Such as . . . dividing by zero?

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    Aaaah love this series <3 kudos for your awesome literary taste

    PS: Dalinar is the best
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    @Avyiel you've read them too! Awesome. No spoilers please. I'm in the middle of the 3rd book.
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    Yes I did! 3rd book is a rollescoster, you're gonna have fun ^^
    What else do you fancy reading? Let's trade some titles
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    @Avyiel I've just started with stormlight. Finished 1,2 and Edgedancer and Warbreaker. Now reading 3.

    Other than that, I haven't done a lot of fantasy. Just Game Of Thrones and Harry Potter. I tried the Sword of Truth series. Didn't like the first book :-(

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    @MojoJojo Harry Potter kickstarted my reading career when I was a kid, have fond feelings for that one.
    Oh I'm a big fantasy kind of guy :) really enjoyed reading the Lightbringer series (would really recommend giving this one a go, think you'll enjoy it), Elantris and the Mistborn series, as well as the Broken Empire trilogy. More recently, the Red Sister and Grey Sister.
    What's your thing then? Sci-fi? Thrillers? A nice mistery perhaps?
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    @Avyiel wow. That's a neat list!

    I read them all and I pick randomly. I have finished all of Sidney Sheldon, Dan Brown, a few of David Baldacci, Jeffery Archer, John Green..

    I wanna start the Wheel of Time next. Have you read it??
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    @MojoJojo quite the eclectic reader, aren't you? That's really nice.

    I'm mostly a sci-fi and fantasy reader myself. Although I do love Dan Brown and James Rollins from time to time.
    Afraid I never heard of this Baldacci fellow, nor of Archer.

    I have a weird relationship with The Wheel of Time 😅 it's extremely well-written, but I can never finish the books. I always come and go. Still haven't finished the whole thing
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    Favorited this rant to follow the suggestions 😊
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