I've recently started visiting devRant after a long hiatus. I love the filter feature - the feed is so much more pleasant (to me) without the memes!
Also I like how the generally friendly and supportive vibe hasn't gone away.

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    Normally id comment "shut up r" to contradict the latter half but i see u do clojure, hows it in bigger projects?
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    @ganjaman Here's some irony: last year I finally got a job at a company with a significant Clojure code base. And I'm still using Java. :-/

    Shortly before I joined, the company made a decision to use primarily Java from here on out, so the only Clojure work is legacy. I don't believe that decision reflects dissatisfaction with the Clojure language, so much as practical concerns about being able to hire enough talent, etc. Personally, I haven't seen anything that leads me to believe Clojure is inherently unsuited to large projects. But in terms of adoption, even though the fact that it's a jvm-hosted language with Java interop is a strength, this fact combined with the difficulty that many people have with pure functional languages is also its Achilles heel. There will always be people making the argument that it's better overall to just code in Java.
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