VS (Visual Studio) wasn't responding, I killed in in taskmgr
coincidentally VS Installer wasn't responding either so I also killed it

upon restarting VS2019, my projects vanished. I was just about to push to git.

Fuck fuck fuck fucking shit.

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    Just use your backups. If there are none, the data didn't matter anyway.
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    @Fast-Nop It didn't really matter, sure, but I still put a lot of work into it :(
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    Ctrl + S or compile every now and then?
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    Why would someone use Visual Studio in the first place ?
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    @netctl you are not allowed to ask that question until there are no people using eclipse
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    @electrineer wait...
    I thought nobody uses eclipse anymore.
    What ?
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    So if you were just about to push, then I assume you've saved to disk first. So, where's those files?
    Might be My documents\repos\ or some other folder in My Documents
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    What did you expect after killing the installer?
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    @netctl maybe, because it is one of the best IDEs out there.

    And no wonder there are problems with VS2019. It is a preview version :)
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    Post sponsored by Emacs gang
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    @electrineer That doesn't apply. VS2019 just ate my whole project (all directories in the solution were corrupted/disappeared)
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    @toastflaming on the other hand, also all bugs were eliminated. ;-)
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