music was playing on my computer so my mom came and lowered the volume on the speakers in order to save the electricity bill

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    I mean in a way it does save some electricity. It's just really really miniscule 😅
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    Well she is technically totally right but the saving over entire day is less then few cents.
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    It was just an excuse
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    This is a big reason why I upgraded a ton of components on my PC to lower wattage ones, otherwise it would cost more than I could afford to run my PC !

    Electricity costs more than 25 cents a unit here !

    Now you know why I code in the dark. :-)
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    Haha i mean often its insignificant... But sometimes not so much :D
    *continues playing EDM @ 500 watts*

    Which brings me to an idea... DevRant spotify/youtube playlist sharing.
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