Do you get informed about the reasons behind business decisions in your job?

That wasn't the case in my last job and I dreaded my code for that reason.

I think this kind of lack of information can lead to bad engineering decisions and unstructured code. Also, this doesn't lead to the needed ownership of your work.

What do you think?

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    The team meetings include news from management, and if something is really important, management will call in everyone to announce things. That prevents confusing rumors.

    We also have a yearly management presentation of the past business year and the outlook for the next one. I'd say that management communication is fine.
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    Basically zero communication from "bizteam" (aka sales) at my last job.

    I was constantly pulled off features in favor of others, and almost never allowed to fix bugs. Some apparently useless things were urgent, others that appeared important were considered irrelevant. Why? Who fucking knew. I strongly suspect there was never a well-thought-out reason behind any of the decisions.

    Definitely hard to own any of the features if you don't know why you're building them or allowed to fix any of their issues. Or even knowing what they'll transform into.
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    Yes, we usally have an discussion about them. and sometimes I make the decisions.
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