Windows gives you just a few windows but Linux gives you a home ❤️

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    I'm glad this is categorized as a joke bc that's what this is.

    Welcome to dR/your first rant
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    Linux is more like a property, you can build whatever the fuck you want on.
    Windows is like a house, that might collapse over you, if you try to install new furniture.
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    I feel like I am the only person here who has NEVER experienced an issue with windows, like I have a below average laptop with Windows 10, and after some fiddling with the anti-virus and updates I just can't be happier with it
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    @austudo You're not alone but the large group of linux fanboys (who already have their mind made up windows sucks, so therefore it will suck) just makes it seem like everyone can't understand windows.
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    @Stuxnet really there should be no hate towards Linux either. Both are good operating systems but both have their downsides, and they go nicely together, like many people do
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    @austudo Right.
    I've got nothing against using it and I'm trying to learn more and more about it daily.

    My problem is with the "head up their ass" fan boys of Linux. (Sure there's probably some Windows fan boys that are like that, but there's definitely no where near as many of them.)
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    @Stuxnet let's be smart and stop this pointless rattle
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