Came home, opened Instagram and I feel this urge to make a rant about these fcking instagram thots that "code".

I'm not against women that code or anything (in fact, if they got the skill, then I think that is awesome), but I am against those special fcking snowflakes that try to get special attention just because they are a female person that is writing HTML and CSS >.>

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    ...but ...but ...but HTML and CSS programming!
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    @theKarlisK more like: but but but, I'm female
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    Being able to code isn't that impressive.
    Being able to code professional enough to get and hold employment (or a sufficient amount of customers) is a sign of success that once can brag about.
    Anything else is just a beginning.
    Besides, at what point can someone really code?
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    @ilPinguino That too!
    these e-girls probably don't even have real customers and probably a lot of them don't even know what they are doing
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    Any hipster looking fuck that has their laptop whipped out covered in “leet programming language/gay ass framework” stickers in coffee shops, I fucking hate.
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    @monzrmango I'm not directly against it, but yes, it does make my "FAAAAAKE" detector tingle...
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    do they profit? what should I do, start posting some buttons screenshots on instagram? xD cannot even imagine their accounts lol
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    @monzrmango I guess you will not like my laptop in the very future :P
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    "Being able to hold employment" is not impressive either

    I think we, as a society, need to learn to accept what people say as just that, something someone said, and move on.

    We are likely never going to need to know if that Instagram person does or doesn't have the skill.

    What you guys have is jealousy and envy for the attention, you want yo feel what you do is special so that beautiful Instagram person couldn't possible be doing it too.

    Stop judging, you will be happier
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    My classmate has software dev and white hat in his bio
    I'm pretty sure that man has never used a PC
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    Don't worry, they also hate people like you who look for attention by hating on other people who look for attention.
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    @smb26 Just post you, dressed in a generic female SJW-coder shirt being al fancy in the CLI (a.k.a just cd then ls then cd then ls, ls again for good measure and cd again).
    I'm not even kidding, that's what I also see pretty often.
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    Literally first time ive heard of instagram coding-thots,

    Pls post links id like to check this out
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    @simpleJack This is one of the first that comes to mind:

    There are plenty of more tags like that though.
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    @mundo03 I see coding as a craft.

    Just like anyone can operate a saw, there's only few that can do it well enough to be professional carpenters.

    I for one wouldn't want to call myself that. I'm a DIY guy, but not a pro.

    Now noone would impersonate a carpenter. Coding, on the other hand, has a touch of cryptic, somewhat glorified work to most non-coders (shaman, anyone?). Therefore, it's predestined for impostors - and as someone who spent years learning my craft and even now, hours each day further improving my skill, someone having only basic skills and posing like they're suddenly gods, that pisses me off, no matter the gender.

    The kid next door will always make it cheaper. Fine enough, but don't complain to or about me if it gets fucked up, that's why you hire professionals in the first place (And yes, I've seen mission-critical components that were built by highschool-age kids. Let's say the owners were quick to agree on a price for fixing it).
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    @ilPinguino This, but I want to add that the thots I'm talking about just use it as a way for them to look smart.
    while some of them actually do care about the code, most don't.
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    @FinlayDaG33k Those who DO care about code are those who'll end up working in the industry.

    I trust in capitalism to sort shit out. It certainly has in the past.
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    @ilPinguino problem is, capitalism will most likely only make this worse...
    those thots can start streaming code n stuff and receive donations from horny teen boys...
    it's the same thing that happens with most bigger female gamestreamers we call e-girls...
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    @FinlayDaG33k If they stay out of the industry, they're dealt with as far as I'm concerned - let 'em.

    Capitalism rewards the enterprising, industrious and creative - and frankly, it punishes the dumb, lazy and uncreative (iPhone anyone?). I'd say if you can live off your streaming revenue alone, you did something right, even if you're not the best at what you do.
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    @ilPinguino step one of living off livestream revenue: "be female + have tits".

    I'm over generalizing it as there are some female streamers that actually have the skill (like Pokimane... sorta), but most of the bigger female streamers are basically just camgirls (like Kaceytron and PrincessSparkles).
    mean sure, if you count using sexual benefits (tits n ass as doing "something right" then they are doing it right.
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    @FinlayDaG33k That's capitalism for you right there. If there's a demand with some cash and a supply, then there's a market. Whether it's streaming, camgirls, coding, information, food, drugs or anything else doesn't matter.
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    @ilPinguino unfortunately yes.
    But the thing is that they use coding/games/<insert hobby X> as a means of getting into the market.
    they don't care about the game or the code, they just want to smell that sweet cash...
    that sounds like a company?
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    @FinlayDaG33k I opened the link you posted and I can clearly agree that it's tons of bullshit, even found a few photos of one of the worst books on js/html I had the displeasure of reading haha

    But then I opened my phone camera and realized why it's not going to work me as insta 'devgurl' lol
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    @smb26 If they would be just modelling for a company or something then it would be "acceptable" (I'd blame the company in this case).
    But these people actually want to come off as programmers...
    And then the fact that they try to hide their code is just hilarious :^)
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