Am realizing just how important sleep is.

Woke up about midnight to do my second job, system admin, upgraded servers, sites, to use php7 upgraded sites to include security fixes, then went to work around 8a.

After lunch around 2pm the CEO comes to me and asks favor, to write script to scrape all our image urls and match them to a csv of sku's.

Easy enough, but my mind was totally gone, I couldn't think properly and an 30min-1hr job turned into 3+ hours with bugs. Went home, slept a few hours, woke up and took 10 minutes to fix and complete task with fresh brain.

Working overtired is common for me as I am an insomniac, which working remote has always been better as I worked the hours I was fresh, but going into office now is keeping me from being at my best.

Need to figure out how to sleep better.

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    Eating properly and tiring your body physically help with sleeping for me.

    Or booze.
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    It’s about conditioning your body in to a routine and sticking to it. If you have to go in to the office at set time. work out your day and set times for bed in the schedule giving you a good 8hrs. STICK TO IT. You will be cured.
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    ^What they said. Schedule pre-sleep and sleep time and stick with it. Tiring the body helps as well, but isn't necessay.

    Reducing lights like an hour before sleep time helps a lot. Get a small lamp and turn off the main light, hide the lamp behind something so you don't get direct light. Do not watch TV. Avoid using the computer, but if you really have to use it, get f.lux.

    Don't do really engaging stuff before sleep, like playing games. Read a book in your bed, it's fun, slow and relaxing. You won't manage to read many pages before falling asleep. Reading it also keeps you from thinking before sleeping, which can be a problem for some people, and keep them awake.

    Eating something before sleep helps to fall asleep, but isn't too healthy. Of course, avoid sugary substances, as they wake you up.

    Worked like a charm for me.
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    I have tried all of the above for the last 3 decades, has never worked for me. From fitness to warm milk, from super strict rhythms and diet to sleeping pills, from meditation to melatonin.

    I just fall asleep at 3am on some days, 10pm on others, and Scrum has been my savior.

    Tasks which require me to do something in the next 30m are quite rare (only critical bugs), because sprints are 14 days.

    Even when I'm required to be in the office for a meeting at 1pm, I don't have to be super sharp — I can take a nap afterwards, and work from 4pm to 11pm, or whatever feels right and makes me successfully complete the two-week sprint.
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    So you work 2 x 8.5 hours a day? 😳
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    Watch Bob Ross before bed. At least that’s how I reliably tuckered out at an appropriate time when I was having a bad bout of insomnia.
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    I have tried everything as well. The insomnia isn't something new, I had it since I was a child. Even before I can remember my mom has always said I kept odd hours (and kept her up most of night as well).

    So unfortunately, I don't think there is an easy cure.

    I mean I was really embarrassed the time it took to write this script. Mainly the issue was the sku's on the site are different than the sku's on the csv, but do contain alphanumeric of each (substr) but i cannot just use strpos() because smaller sku's match multiple times, thus I get incorrect matches.

    So I had to come up with an algorithm to match perfectly while taking some alphanum out of one sku and some out of other, but not all the time. anyways, after sleep it was really easy, after being up +16 hours not so much.
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    @hash-table sounds like you are in a good place to try bi phasic sleep. Sleep after dinner from about 19:00-00:00 and after checking in your night work then sleep from 05:00-08:00.
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    That's essentially what i do now, however sometimes i cannot go back to sleep at 4 or 5 am and it's those days that cause me trouble.
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    Ugh.. just caught up on my sleep this weekend. Woke up about 11am yesterday. Decided i was going to ensure i stayed up no naps so i could sleep tonight, 1:30am and wide awake still. Going to be a long day.
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