i have read many horror stories about admob how people lost thousands of dollars cz google fked them

allen wong lost 100k$ cz google fked his account and banned it and took his hunnid k

sso i have no clue whats going on and why do so many people get banned and lose money with admob or if this is even true

should i use admob and if not what tf do i use then to earn money for android app

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    Advertising monetization is a shitty deal for everyone, except the middleman.

    -You don't get paid enough or don't get paid at all.

    -Your users get shitty ads that hamper their experience making them hate using your app.

    -The publishers pay for users who most probably misclicked on their ad.

    If it applies to your app, put a price tag on it. Hell, put micro-transactions/in-app purchases in it if you want your users to try it before cashing in.

    Admob, is a google thing, this isn't new; Adsense had/has the same issues.
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    @Salim i have already invested a lot of money just for testing development purposes.... imagine what will happen when i put it out there for thousands/millions of motherfuckers using the apps services WHICH I FUCKIN PAY FOR

    AND U TELL ME NOT TO EARN FROM ADS? HOW DO I PAY THE EXPENSES? do i pull all the money out of my ass and pay with it? no? do say.
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    @SukMikeHok calm down, dude.
    What is wrong about making use of in-app purchases and not ads within the app?
    There are apps who do both and even more than that. You wanna see some bad examples? Alright.
    - Stickman Hook (makes you having to watch an ad. It does not care if you want to watch it)
    - Idle Heroes (has both options: in-app purchases AND ads. These ads are not shown if you do not want to see them though, BUT the whole system in this game is only built on the idea of money farming. Pay2win or GTFO! You do not have a chance to keep up with those who are rich)
    - ... and many more.
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