Love hearing about Android Q stuff...

System wide dark mode.

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    *laughs in oxygenOS*
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    Boy, you are at a very advanced level.
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    Ohhhhhhhh. I don't even care what it will be called anymore
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    I have it on Android Pie, in dev options. Not sure if it really does something.
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    There is also a dark / night mode in LOS16 and Pie in general, afaik, but it's missing out notifications, dialogs etc.

    You still can use Substratum for full dark / black experience, did that on my last phone to save battery cause of the AMOLED display.

    A system working wide stock dark mode is one thing I want for every OS!
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    @MrWouter I use NIGHT MODE but night mode and dark mode are different
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    On my latest Huawei under Battery Settings you can do a system wide dark mode. Notifications are still white though
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