devRant is the best app I've come across. It's far better that other social media apps. Here everyone gets notices and everyone is equal.

Hats off to its developers and all the users, who make this community awesome.

Looking forward to get more amazing updates and let's all make devRant the number one app in the world..

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    I smell a new guy...

    Welcome to this awesome place 😍
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    I haven't been here long enough to form a serious opinion, but the gating of things behind upboat score reeks of StackOverflow which is a toxic hellstew of a community. So I've got my doubts.
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    @C0D4 What did we say about smelling strangers?
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    @Jilano aww but he’s all new and nothing beats that fresh leather smell.
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    @pie-flavor 😥we aren’t that bad ( well most of us )
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    @pie-flavor how did you reach to that intepretation? Which rant is it?
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    @C0D4 Fair enough, your argument is compelling. Smell away!
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    Welcome, @ishaan 🙃
    @pie-flavor @devTea: I'd be interested in that, too
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    I haven't received any notification in iOS. When am I supposed to receive notifications? Notifications are allowed! Yes, the app is beautiful, maybe built with React Native (because it's really fast), but I don't get noticed about nothing! Should I go to settings or something?
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    @pie-flavor I've stayed away from SO for years, so I might be off base, but I'm wondering if one of the reasons SO's culture went down the shitter is that employers started asking for people's SO profile on job postings. So then it became a high-stakes competition - the better my SO score, the more job opportunities I'll get. Combine that with a low-hanging-fruit situation (those who got on SO early got the points for answering the easy questions) and you end up with an environment where people are essentially competing for limited resources. Not a good way to foster a friendly community.
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    @rantalicious I think the difference between SO and devRant in that regard is that no ranter that I know of would link their devRant profile on a job application, as for most of us, that would be counterproductive. The credits you collect here aren't worth anything outside of this community, therefore, the asshole potential / potential to abuse your state is limited, in my opinion
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