Yes, today storage memory is "cheap".

But 100MB for an image flash tool
An arch iso is 600MB
Rufus on windows is ~1MB

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    What did you expect?!
    Its running on electron.
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    vscode is ~70MB
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    Well, VSC is one of the few relatively well written ones.
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    People need to stop basing stuff on, well, basically a web browser
    I agree - it's fast most of the time and can build beautiful stuff relatively easily, but that needs to be weighted against the use case.
    It's worth it for an application that's going to be used as a hours, but I think _tools_ with the sole purpose of doing more or less one thing its overkill.
    Yes storage is cheap, but so is ram (in relation), nevertheless we are not starting on a base that will allocate a gig of memory to get started.
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    I know rufus is good but it can't pass multibootusb. Multibootusb does one thing that others don't, adding/removing distros without formatting at all. Perfect if you can't copy files to somewhere else.
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    @Kimmax oof, what happened to my English there, I might have to turn myself in for that murder
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    Yeah, Etcher has kind of an insane size. It was the recommended tool when I wanted to flash my RockPro64 but as soon as I saw the size I canceled the download and just used dd.
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    I recommend against etcher it broke two of my USB sticks.
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    dd is 74K.
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