If I had a dollar every time a non software engineer used the word "just" in a sentence...

"Just" convert this Matlab code to C++

"Just" make it faster

"Just" have it done in a week

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    Just take these Oracle schemas and move them to Postgres... how hard can it be? Yep, was on the receiving end of that.
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    Even as the super experienced, badass programmer that I am, I have to stop myself from wanting to say that word too.
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    Well i could make the web crawler faster, but...
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    runFaster = True

    There you go
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    "Programming is not so hard. Just write some ifs and elses and everything will work."
    Sometimes I want to kill my roommate when he is asking me a favor in helping him out with programming tasks for university. (He is a mechanical engineer student)
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    "But surely it's just a case of...". The next dumb prick that tries to tell me how to do my job using that form of words will find that, actually, it's just a case of getting my knee in his nuts.
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    My standard reply (to a Dev who uses 'just'): well why don't you just do it?
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    You'd be poor if compared to me earning a dollar every time a person working or studying at a university tries to claim that it's _obvious_ that some condition leads to another or means something.
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