Which framework do you use in your company projects and why?

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    Framework for what?
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    @hack web apps, mobile apps, scripts and any app
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    Our team is using .net mvc for an erp system and ionic framework for mobile application development. They decided to use ionic cuz every team member experienced in web stack. Mobile app is kind of side project.
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    Log4j. For logging
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    Symfony 4 because it's modular
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    Laravel and Lumen
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    Go : because its new everyone want to get hands on. (Works well with aws)

    PHP : legacy code (just stays there no one touches now)

    Nodejs : want to use javascript frameworks (works well with aws)

    Front end

    Vuejs : its new

    Semantic : got more votes (than foundation, bulma, bootstrap)


    Aws : has good services that can be used. (Someone already bought account)

    GCM : only firebase (just started to explore just temporary data.) Will not use it for prod. Just because want to hands on it.
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