Visited three book stores today.
Most books about software development on shelves were about :
android / css / c# / html / javascript / python - in alphabetic order.

Many motivational books ( almost half ) about how to become software developer just because “it’s a dream job” without any interesting content.

Less books about c/c++, networking.

Microsoft is still present with certification and windows and I didn’t saw any linux book.

So that’s the future - full of microsoft and android, javascript, html and script kiddies.

So pretty much the same as it is now.

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    Well you did go to a physical bookstore instead of something more modern, it makes some sense it might be stuck in the past rather than predicting the future...
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    @taigrr maybe you’re right maybe not I don’t know 🤷‍♂️
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    Programmers are still going to bookstore for books about programming? Weird...

    What I can see is, that our non-official engineering library is stuck somewhere around 2010 to 2014, depending on the topic. Myself was in bookstore recently for Discworld (I like paper, you know) but last time I was for some programming book was in 2009. And I must say that most of them were full of errors. Yes, there were erratas on publishers website but it was like 4 A4 pages filled with tiny text full of errors. So since then I read official docs, Stack Overflow, Server Fault, blogs etc. It's still full of errors but it's usually more up-to-date and I am not spending money for that.

    Frankly speaking, I would be really happy to see e-books with error fixing guarantee. You know, you download e-book and if there is new edition, you just download it without next payment. That would be nice. But until then, programming books are dead to me.
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    @argorain goalkicker.com

    And free. You're welcome. :P
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    @taigrr thanks man!
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