In Japan, they have technical books written in comic/manga styles.

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    So they do
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    Our brain does like to learn with pictures vs. Words. I'd like to read one
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    Looks cool, is it good?
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    Ah! Japan! ❤
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    shutup and take my money.
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    That's so cool. (⊙ꇴ⊙)
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    I have the Manga Guide to Databases. While it's a bit corny at times, it really does work well and it's pretty comprehensive.
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    I would kill to take the calculus, electricity and db manhwa
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    I have Manga Guide To Databases, and together with Karwin's SQL antipatterns I consider it among the most essential books to read about relational databases.

    It's surprisingly thorough, even covering the basics of Set Theory & Codd's relational algebra (union/intersection/difference/cartesian/selection/projection/joining/division).

    The presentation might feel a bit ridiculous, and it's not that great as a reference work, but it gives an amazing quick overview of the theory behind and the strengths of the relational data model.
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    @-ANGRY-CLIENT- Isn't manhwa just manga with colors?

    I know, they are from Korea.
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    @aldoblack No difference. Manga/Manhwa is like Potato/Potahto. It's like English countries importing words like croissant or mauve, the French are gonna cringe a little at your pronunciation, but it describes the same thing.
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    @bittersweet Yes I was as well surprised with how well it actually describes relational databases and how to use it without going on about specific database software. Was really nice.

    (Also thought it was fun how the database fairy essentially saved the Kingdom from Mongodb :v)
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    @inaba I have the one on Cryptography
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    You're Japanese? I have always wondered: how do japanese people handle writing code in English? Like, most YouTube videos, etc, from Japan, it's rare to see/hear anyone speak English, and when they can, it's usually pretty broken English. So, how? And are there a lot of programming jobs in Japan?
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    I prefer text.
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    @Fexell I just having a vacation over there. Programming languages does not cross with natural languages. In common languages such as c, they still typing in ASCII letters for keywords. But for programming terms, they are likely to be in Japanese, so no problem for communicating.
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    Get that hentai out of my face
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