So I just received an email from a developer, saying my client hired him to take care of their website from now on. This client counted on me since 2012, so I felt a little... Betrayed. Even though this client was not big and a little difficult.

It's weird. I am trying to transition to something better in my professional life, but I'm not feeling confident of what I'm doing. Sometimes I feel my professional life is ruining. Uncertainty sucks.

Additionally, my desktop decided to stop working today and won't turn on. Oh well.

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    Losing client always sucks... Especially if you don't know the reason behind... (Can be rates, closer developer, on-site and etc...)

    On the other hand a lost client is an opportunity to grow for you personally :)
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    Don't be too upset because of that. And honestly majority is uncertain of themselves. It's normal.
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    I would not accept such a message from anyone but the client themselves.
    Do they have proof?
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    @Yamakuzure that's an important reminder. I confess I didn't thought about that first because he mentioned client details. But that's what criminals do to sound trustful right? At this morning I confirmed directly with the client though. Thanks for heads up.
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    @nanl Also get feedback from the client why he switched.
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    Churn (people leaving you / your service) is a very normal part of business. A small, regular amount of churn is healthy - if you don't get any, it usually implies you're undervaluing your product or service.

    If your churn is so low that a small client leaving has unsettled you, it may be time to look at increasing prices :-)
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    @AlmondSauce speaks wisdom 🙂
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