I knew I was about to get laid off so I stopped caring and started answering questions on stack overflow all day every day instead of working.

10k rep later I got a new job via stack overflow careers that pays twice as much.

Moral of the story? Be efficient... even when you are not.

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    great story, I'll try that too :D
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    This is great. I was told by my Comp Sci teacher that I'd never amount to anything. Little did she know I was working for a major company already. And when she found out she had the cheek to ask for a recommendation
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    @tisaconundrum personally I find it pretty amusing but it could have seriously knocked someone's confidence so she should have not said that, hence why I'd never recommend her for a job😊
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    @liamcooke my power electronics teacher said the same about me. Actually, pretty much every professor at my major.

    They were right that I wouldn't make it in electronics engineering.

    I was busy doing software.

    I'm glad that now they ask me to help their students get internships.

    It's just that people don't trust oddballs.
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