Is JS effectively going to become the secondary option for web once the WASM is adapted? I know that JS isn't going to die, nothing ever really dies.

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    let's hope so
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    @Taqriaqsuk why would you want it to die?
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    @devTea JS is invincible though. 😂
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    @irene But when it does become mature nobody would prefer JS to C++ and very soon C++ library will evolve to challenge the JS community ( cannot chase the mammoth but still ). So sooner or later JS is losing.
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    how's the feedback loop with wasm? like... can i have 5K tests run in seconds every time i press ctrl+s? otherwise it is just hot air

    i know nothing about wasm, but from the dev perspective i just wonder how a truly compiled thing can match the productivity of JIT-compiled stuff (maybe it does and i just don't know it)
    i'm talking of writing code here, i don't question the quality of the final artifact
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