Canadian PetPeeve #1337 when frameworks/languages use American spelling, goddamn it's colour not color

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    You're wrong.
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    Programming languages use simplified English, deal with it
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    Submit a PR.
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    Indeed, we generally use British spellings too and it gets supremely annoying at times (worst would be centre vs center)
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    @RememberMe stop using frenchified words and use normal ones 😛
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    @irene You lot were happy with the French when they were helping you kick us out
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    @d4ng3r0u5 yeah, when they were cowardly surrendering to Germans 😏
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    Blame capitalism. The printing press charged for each letter, so Americans started spelling things as short as possible. Eventually that became the "correct" way to spell it.
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    @Ximidar but actually american way of spelling in general is more intuitive. British way is close to French with redundant vowels.
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    @irene I don't like the American way of spelling stuff, or the overly simplified feel of a lot of American accents, even though I've started to use American English a fair amount because tech.

    Besides, I was brought up on British English, I'm just used to it. I also watch a lot of classic British comedy like Yes Minister, Monty Python, etc. 🤷‍♂️

    British humour > American humour
    In general.
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    @RememberMe it's just your habit of using frenchified words. 😁 (It's not even a total joke. British English has many roots in French.)
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    @irene nah, British humour is more than the language. It's that sarcastic, indirect dry wit. The language is just icing on the cake.

    And what's wrong with "Frenchified" words? From my PoV the American equivalents sound uncouth and retarded, lacking in sophistication. But then that bit is habit, yes.
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    @RememberMe I haven't said anything about the humor. It mostly does not depend on the exact language.
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    four(;;) {}
    x xour y
    if (x our y) {}
    bollocks function(bollocks) {}
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