'nuff said!

( PS : This is my first rant and I like the Weekly Group Rant. I'm starting all the way from the beginning of history )

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    Well, you have some good 130 rants to go, gotta say, it's a long way 😊
    btw welcome to devRant!
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    @beleg Thanks. Yes, I loved all of these topics even though I don't have stories / rants for each of them. (Hence my first post jumped to wk17).

    I wish the 2 hour buffer wasn't there and I could rant away all I wanted and catch up sooner. Still, I will eventually catch up. Stay tuned for all of those.
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    Write them all down in single rant. Tag all week numbers :3
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    @cursee now, where would be the fun in that? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
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    @shine are you using from web? 😜
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    @cursee yes, how did you figure? (I'm curious why you're asking too)
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    @shine haha because you used text instead of actual emoji. :D

    Asking just to confirm my guess :)
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    @cursee well, of course, my machine supports emojis 😉. It's just that I prefer using the shortcode notations more, since I don't have to take my fingers off the keyboard to my mouse. I'm a mouse-hater. And slack spoilt us by teaching us all the short-codes. 😜
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