I'm currently pentesting a web app on a Mac Mini with 8 Gigs of RAM and a i5-4620 using OWASP ZAP. Third time the fuzzer got stuck, the RAM's full an the CPU's permanently at 100 %.

Before starting this job, I always said that pentesting on this POS is like bringing a knife to a gunfight.

When I kicked off two fuzzers at once, I started feeling like bringing a cocktail sword to a thermonuclear war.

It's not even 10 here and I already wish for some booze. Damn, I gotta start making moonshine or something.

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    "5m and below, close combat beats a gun." - @ilPinguino

    You'll manage 😉
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    I know, that's why I started doing it in the first place (besides, I get paid by the hour).

    But what about beating a nuke with a toothpick? Any stats about that?
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    Running simulator: 14,000,605 iterations

    Nuke victories: 14,000,604
    Toothpick: 1

    We'll have to wait for the next avengers movie to find out how the toothpick won
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    @tmpnull Considering the speed you ran that simulation with, you probably don't have a Mac.

    You know... A Mac probably couldn't even run Fallout (the original) with 24+ FPS. Let alone an actual simulation of war.

    And I know. I tried running Dwarf Fortress on it. 3-4 FPS once I hit a population of 50.

    By the way, that one toothpick survivor - did he glue a cent atop the toothpick and use the tiny spade to dig a fallout shelter?
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    @ilPinguino 😂😂😂😂😂 no I don't have a Mac. Point taken 😁

    Edit: I Lol'd irl
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