Programmers have to make it complicated. 😎

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    Nvm. I'll just increase the mac's volume.

    osascript -e "set Volume 100"
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    I've never done something similar 😳
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    Have't gone that far, per se, but I've been guilty of writing scripts to do a simple task and then getting lost optimizing them once or twice...
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    I'm a simple man. I see xkcd comics, i upvote.
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    I get the point.. but why is specifically the Mac mentioned in that scenario?
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    @gedankennebel maybe its to imply the person locked out isnt a mac user, so they have to look it up.
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    @gedankennebel because you can't SSH into a Windows machine.
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    I just use alsamixer

    Can't say I haven't done this before...

    To talk I use festival:

    $ echo 'Hello there!' | festival -tts
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    @franca76 wow, how could you get so low?
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    Had a technician I know ssh into his home network and turn down the radio once before calling his wife
    his explanation: she's cleaning
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    @vish Can't tell if this is sarcasm or not :o
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    @redstonetehnik franca just have one comment, how can she have -37??
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    @timekeeper comments being reported and removed, but keeping the negative karma
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    I've had to lockpick into my cousins house (he was with me btw) with a nail and screwdriver once because we didn't have the key
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