Only 7 of the ~200 Routes are named. The former dev just created URLs within the views with the url() method.


There are just GET & POST request. Even though stuff is getting edited or deleted.


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    API or webapp/-page?
    If it is a webapp, using GET and POST requests only is common, as plain HTML forms only accept those...
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    @sbiewald not that common within the Laravel framework.
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    @iamavalos but not [DELETE] user/$id?
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    better than that one API I worked with that uses GET and username & password are url query params and response throws back a token and other info that are & separated T_T
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    @gitpush that is not a security issue perse. Only if connection is not encrypted. 😉
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    @Wombat aaah did not have that in mind, its ok man delete using a post request, don't nag :P
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    @Wombat When the server has enabled access logging, GET requests are being logged with all parameters by default...
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    If it's a webapp, as @sbiewald stated, only GET and POST requests is normal. Laravel does not change that.

    Putting put, patch or delete inside the @method blade directive only injects a _method hidden input inside a form. It's still going to be a GET/POST request at the end of the day. Convenient? Maybe. It's still a hack though.

    Still, no named routes suck.
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    @nitnip that is true, but they get listed as put/delete in the route list.
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