I don't understand why some people take computer science as their stream, while they don't know anything in it. Those majority people in most of the universities take computer science seeing other people's rush. In my University 70 % of the people even dont know the ABC of programming. These mad annoying people just ruin the merit list. 😠😠

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    So you're expecting people to understand everything BEFORE learning?

    That's not how this works...at all.
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    @Stuxnet The basic programming is taught at school grades itself, a person chooses his/her field depending upon their interest so they should have a bit of basic knowledge about programming at University level.
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    Not everyone has the opportunity to learn before they get into CS and interests develop when people are already in CS. However, I'm not excusing the folks who take CS because they heard Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg
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    I approve. If you want to go and learn CS you have to at least know basics of basics. Or at least be interested in it and learn it by yourself on 1 year
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    It's because people are lazy and don't do any research other than reading the program pamphlet that's geared to trick lazy morons into parting with thousands and thousands of dollars.
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    @Stuxnet agreed.

    Can't stop someone from taking CS if they want to. In many cases a lot of people don't even know what they want. That doesn't have to be because they're stupid or lazy, many just genuinely don't know. And tbh, money and a secure job are perfectly fine reasons to take CS.

    A CS background also helps you in other kinds of jobs/degrees - eg. technical animation, computational physics, pretty much any other kind of engineering, data science/econometrics, etc.

    CS is optional in school. And tbh what they teach you in school is basic programming, CS in university is a lot more. I know plenty of people from uni who thought CS was for them because of what they did in school but were proved horribly wrong.

    Nothing wrong with not knowing programming when entering university, people have many other interests and let's be really honest, it's not that hard to pick up a decent amount in uni. If they work hard, when exiting uni they're at par with people who've done it for longer.
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    @RememberMe The only actual programming I had done before uni was a tiny bit of the JS course on Codecademy and that's it loll

    I had a solid understanding of HTML & CSS but that's useless for the most part when programming.

    I wasn't lucky enough to have any high school CS classes, but it makes sense. I was one of 3 or 4 people going to college for IT/CS.

    It's just dumb to expect people to know everything in college because YOU know a lot before getting to uni.
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    Computer Science is more then programming! Just saying...
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