I feel like we've had a similar group rant earlier.. is it just me?

Anyway, more frameworks. During the time it took me to write this, I bet that at least a dozen of them popped up already :')

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    More specific category I guess
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    More frameworks that no one ever needed for the god of frameworks that no one ever needed! Yay! 😒
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    I don't understand how people have the time to write these frameworks. I mean, are they university projects? All my time during -- or outside of --business hours is working to fix a core business problem for the company I work for.

    I guess the frameworks evolve from core business problems?
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    why is this wk128 as well?
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    It's the one thing that is getting on my tits.

    In Java(script) you learn a new framework and when you finally manage to apply it to your day-to-day routine, there is already 3 new 'flavor of the day' frameworks. Looking back into the past, things where much easier it seems, when there was a few years between versions/iterations of things.

    *remembers his screen oriented Cobol/PL-1 programming days* (yes, I know, I'm old-ish ... )
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    @Parzi I dunno.. is it just me? It's just that I find the questions of "how do you see software engineering evolving" and "how do you see the dev industry evolving" so similar 🤔
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    @Condor I thought it was devRant's doing, or maybe you by mistake. I didn't realize it was intentional!
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