Has anyone ever tried using one of those digital drawing tablets for whiteboarding? How did it work out/do you still use it?

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    I've tried Samsungs Flip and Googles Jam Board. In the beginning it was fun. Drawing dicks in a team. A novelty. But they are such niche products with shortcomings, in shareability, in usecases, that they shortly after purchase collected dust.
    Although the Google Jam Board was much more fun than Samsungs Flip. But if you want to present APPs then the The Flip is better with it's android screenshare feature.

    For writing concepts and drawing small illustrations the iPad pro with the pencil is much more useful. And definitely cheaper.
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    I was thinking something more along the lines of this:


    I'm not prepared to drop $2700 on this just yet 😅
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    @snaz ah yes I can recommend you https://www.huiontablet.com/ if you don't like to pay for https://www.wacom.com (which is the best really).

    Drawing tablets are useful for retouching photographs in adobe lightroom. And painting. But unless you earn your money with this, i think a mouse does the same just fine.

    You can use the iPad Pro as a drawing tablet on a Mac.
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    @heyheni i think his main use case will be writing notes digitally, thinks like quick scribbles you make on a whiteboard as well and not really drawing art etc.
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    Update: I actually tried this for quick notes. Hated it.
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