Dear random blog/news website,

Why do you equate a random visit via a Google search to wanting you to bombard me with notifications? What is wrong with at least waiting for frequent or multiple repeat visits before asking for notification access?

As shocking as this may be to you, most of us are not desperate for content from random, virtually-nameless websites/blogs. If that is you, please seek professional help.

In fact, please seek professional help anyway.


Virtually every visitor your website will ever have

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    Storing and identifying individual visitor trends is difficult. Always showing notifications is trivial.

    But I agree. 😕 Notification requests make me mad.
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    Your name made me laugh so here, have a ++ bomb
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    @svgPhoenix Ha, thanks 😆
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    @Root forgive my late reply.

    I guess you're right about the technical difficulty. My comment was only supposed to be more middle of the road than saying "I hope your website gets infested with malicious links." /s

    But yeah, I guess if you're going to bother tracking, maybe it would be better to have a sign in system that could then also be used to control notification preferences (so long as visitors aren't then bombarded by subscribe popups on each visit).
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