I don't want to start a war here, but I love the power of vim.

I prefer vim.tiny because I can find it on practically any UNIX-based machine - out of the box. Copy over my .exrc and I'm already rolling.

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    vim is not match for Visual Studio.
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    Vim is the shit! I use vim controls in every text editor.
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    @tinram He explictly said not to start a war, e.g. not telling him other options are way better. Also it is "no match". But aside from that there are some domain problems. Visual Studio is an IDE, which has IDE features for Windows, while Vim is a texteditor, even though a fancy one, for Unix, so you will have a hard time comparing the two or even ranking them.
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    @gitreflog Oh, you could make vim your IDE. I know a lot of people who do that (with vim.basic though). Copy over your .vimrc (or your $HOME/.vim directory) and you're all set.

    But my point was that vim.tiny is available on unix-based systems by default.

    You don't get Visual Studio out-of-the-box with Windows. There's no IDE that you get out-of-the-box on any operating system (at least to my knowledge).

    Maybe like you said, vim.tiny is just a text editor out of the box but it can be transformed into an IDE by just copying over a configuration file (a maximum of several MBs) with your tastes; not having to download 60+ MB of a setup file before even getting started to customize the IDE to your tastes.
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    @shine Vim is a TextEditor. You can make any Texteditor with plugins (so almost any Texteditor) an IDE if you put enough work in it. Also Vim as an IDE is far less advanced than any standalone IDE. Autocompletion sucks ass. You are calling this method on an object? Let me forget that this object is of type X and instead recommend you other words you commonly used in your code. Debugger? In your dreams. (And calling an external debugger via commandline does not count. I'm talking step through code with syncing your text field etc.) There might be plugins for that, but i *highly* doubt this can be done with "a maximum of several MB".
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    @gitreflog I agree, debugging can be a pain with vim. I've been there too.

    Of course, vim has its own disadvantages like anything else. I love Atom for what it is but I hate it because of the Electron foundations that it uses.

    I love vim because it comes out-of-the-box on unix-based systems. And being the terminal lover that I am (practically preferring to live within a terminal), I'd prefer vim more than any other.
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