There are two ways to give advice, example:

Car is parked badly:

"Hey mate, your car is parked badly."

"Hey asshole, did your mother teach you to drive or what, such shit parking, you should go and kill yourself."

Notice one is fact based and rather devoid of personal insults and emotional triggers..

Unlike the last one..

Why are so many folk, like the last example..

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    People that don't park between the lines are assholes. Not taking 30 seconds to fix your parking so another person can use the next spot over is ignorant.
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    Their mothers taught them to throw insults
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    @beegC0de that is true. But it shouldn't be a reason to insult people in the manner that OP described above
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    The first one is what I would actually say to the person, but the second one is probably what I'd be thinking if anything

    Also my mom actually taught me how to drive
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    @CoffeeNcode agreed, 2 wrongs don't make a right
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    Their Australian, and no insults were given in the second 1.
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    My vehicle is a bit like this, as I'm dirt poor:


    > Log bikes

    The other day someone decided it would be a good idea to throw a ton of insults at me, (Not because I had parked badly..) about how shit poor I was, in no more than 300 words..

    Yeah, I'm already aware how shit poor I am thank you !

    Now I'll just go back to my well paid $1 an hour job.. (Recent pay rise in the last year from 33 cents !)

    FX [ Feels like Kenny in Southpark.. ]
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    Not gonna lie, I read that as "Notice one is fact based and the other devoid of personal insults..."

    Then I reread it and realised it was a genuine question.
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    I reckon most people start with #1... then they get a proper aussie "Fuck off, mate" and then you just have to resort to #2.

    Eventually over years you evolve and #2 becomes your first instinct.

    And only then on some occasions you get "Sorry mate" which then leads to "No worries" and "Wanna grab a schooner, mate" 😊
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    None of those are advice.
    1 point the obvious, the other is an assumption that might be true
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    Reply to #1: "yeah so?" Or "who fucking cares, lady"
    Reply to #2: "... what?" Or "(goddamn my parking must really suck for this chick to be so pissy about it)"

    I generally go with "You drunk, mate?" or "...he can't even get it in! 😂"

    The real asshole comments like #2 I reserve for those people who take up two or four parking spots because they're so terrible and self-centered.
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    Well, you see 2 is better, because 1 isn't going to get them to kill themselves
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    @M1sf3t not paying attention and not giving a fuck about whether other people also might want to park is exactly what makes assholes.

    That's also why the insult approach #2 is fully justified. The problem isn't the car. It's the asshole who had been driving it.
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    My dad stopped someone from blocking his driveway by jacking the car up and moving it to a non-parking zone.

    For some reason the driver stopped parking on my dads driveway after that..
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