Was watching 'Johnny English Strikes Again' when I discovered a secret message in the movie.
Guys, MI7 is hiring C programmers!

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    Where's the hidden message? You mean the C-tutorial-like code?
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    You even get dual monitors!
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    @7Raiden of course! Only the sharpest coders can read between the lines! :P
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    @irene I'm sorry to inform you that we have decided to look at other candidates for this role. Best of luck for your endeavors ahead.
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    Also either it runs windows because he includes conio.h or else he will run into compilation errors
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    @carlos4068 only the sharpest can see it? So they are hiring C# devs, too?
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    wow !
    that's how mafia works! -->
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    @Snob well, it seems it's not even conio.h, zoom in and its oonio.h (<oonio.h>) so it's wrong this way also as there is nothing like oonio.h
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    @faptain or just a very stupid font and it is actually a 'c', not an 'o'
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    Oh yeah, I also saw it 🖤 My favourite Johnny English‘s movie
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    @faptain just compare it with the c in include....
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